The core business of our company includes strictly specialised assembly, retrofitting, overhaul and construction services delivered to the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. 

Thanks to our specialised business profile, we are able to: 

- prefabricate and assembly industrial process pipelines,

- assembly steel structures,

- design systems (P&ID, 2D, 3D),
- build tanks,
- make and install insulations

We also:

– build electrical, hydraulic, gas and utility supply systems and industrial lines

– install machines

– relocate factories, machines and tanks all over the world

– relocate production systems and lines all over the world

– prepare equipment for transport

While carrying projects for our clients, our primary goal is to make them fully satisfied by delivering professional, timely and quality services. Our company has been focusing on constant development. Investing in human potential and technical facilities, we pursue the goal of satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients on a complex basis.

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